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Parents and Cyber Bullying

  • A Canadian study found that 23% of middle-schoolers surveyed had been bullied by e-mail, 35% in chat rooms, 41% by text messages
  • It also found that 41% did not even know the identity of the bully
  • Keep your kids safe by creating a list of cell phone / internet house rules, and teach them to come to you before giving out any information or if they feel threatened or uncomfortable
  • Only allow your kids to use monitored chat rooms and message boards on reputable kid's sites, and keep an eye on their online activities
  • Insist that your kids tell you first if they want to meet "an online friend"
  • It is important not to overreact or under react when they come to you for help. Parents need to be supportive of their child.  You should also let the school know of the encounter.
  • For more information on Cyber Bullying, check out the Safe Schools Act, or visit or contact your local Police Tech Crime Unit

Bullying Effects Everyone

Bullying is the repeated use of power and aggression to deliberately inflict physical, emotional, and social abuse intending to harm and oppress a victim.

... whether you're a bully

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Bullying is a conscious, willful and deliberate hostile activity, intended to harm. ~more~

... whether you're a victim

The one thing that all kids who are bullied have in common is that a bully or a bunch of bullies has targeted them. Each one was singled out to be the object of scorn, and thus the recipient of bullying, merely because he or she was different in some way. ~more~

... whether you're a bystander

Bystanders are the third group of players in this tragedy. They are the supporting cast who aid and abet the bully, through acts of omission and commission. They stand idly by or look away, or they can actively encourage the bully or join in and become one of a bunch of bullies.  Injustice overlooked or ignored becomes a contagion that infects even those who thought they could turn away. ~more~

Bullying is everyone's responsibility.